Less messages, more conversations.

Meaningful relationships need truthful people, and authentic communication.

“No bull s#*t. This is the real me.”

Why it's different

Traditional dating apps love to keep you single.

That’s their business model

Optdin throws this thinking out the window.

Following leading research, Optdin promotes people moving rapidly to real-world, face-to-face dates to discover true connection and build lasting relationships.

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How it works

Invest in someone who spends like you.

How you live says everything about you. Where you go, what you do, and how you spend your money all point to true, authentic characteristics of the real you.

Optdin securely analyzes a single source of truth – your spending habits – and uses this to find initial suitability by matching you with people who engage in similar things.

Real world activities are then suggested to get you meeting & connecting in real life. Why? Because studies show the quicker you meet someone, the faster you’ll know if there’s a spark.


Connection is in the details

Keeping it real

We believe in authenticity. All user profiles are created dynamically via your Facebook and select financial accounts. Bye-bye fake profiles.

Low effort

Our technology not only expertly matches you, it also provides ‘conversation starter’ suggestions to help you start talking. From here, with our focus on real-life “face-to-face” engagement, Optdin delivers activity suggestions.

Meaningful results

By using real data that is uniquely you, Optdin is able to match you via sources of truth & mechanisms that foster face-to-face interaction with suitable partners.

Personal matching

It’s like your own personal matchmaker, providing immediate, best practice coaching at a fraction of the cost of a personal matchmaking service. #winning


How much does it cost?

What’s included in my plan?
Financial transaction history analysis
Financial account integration
Match frequency
Face-to-face suggested activities
Basic Free Try Optdin free for up to 90 days worth of transaction history.
Financial transaction history analysis Last 90 days
Financial account integration 1
Match frequency day Unlimited up to 90 days
Face-to-face suggested activities One-dimensional questions, and suggestions
Premium $19.99/mo Advanced features to improve your profile, matches and conversations.
Financial transaction history analysis Unlimited
Financial account integration Unlimited
Matches per day Unlimited
Face-to-face suggested activities Multi-dimensional questions, and suggestions